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Auburn University

Think outside of the box

Small Space Living Tips to Save Space

Living in a small or shared apartment can bring up plenty of little problems around your living space. You can run into different types of problems like – a bed that takes up too much space, too much furniture, or not enough color. That’s why we wanted to share a list of some great small […]

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Study Tips for Your College Exams

Have a hard exam coming up? We promise it isn’t as tough as it may seem. All students are different, some are good at cramming information, others need time to soak in all the information from class. It just takes some time and experimenting with what works best for you. That’s why we came up […]

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Student Guide to Auburn, AL

Whether it’s to have fun or find a great spot to study, every college student needs some guidance to start off with. We at the Beacon Student Living wanted to help you out as much as we could before you dive into your next semester of college fun at Auburn University. We know you’ll be […]

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Job Interview Tips for Students

Job Interview Tips for Students After sending multiple applications, you finally get a callback saying that you look like a promising candidate for the job. You set a date and a time for the interview, but as the day and hour gets closer, you quickly realize that you’re feeling overwhelmed. After all, this is a […]

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Most Instaworthy Restaurants in Auburn

Don’t miss out on these restaurants in Auburn. They’re all about serving food that looks as amazing as it tastes, from the downright artful dishes at Acre to the colorful and carefully plated meals found at The Hound. Your Instagram feed is bound to be the most delicious among your friends after dining out at […]

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The Legendary History of the Auburn Eagle (and Why He’s NOT Flying This Season!)

If you’ve ever been to an Auburn University football game and wondered what all that War Eagle talk was about, fans won’t hesitate to tell you. The War Eagle is one of the most storied Auburn traditions, dating back to the late 1800s, and is a beloved and recognized part of campus culture. When rumor […]